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Video Wine Library – Video Camera & Wine Bottle Word Cloud – THEGRAPE


Wine is as much about enjoying an amazing glass as it is about interacting with amazing people. We believe it’s the connections that wine creates that make it so enjoyable. Join us in THEGRAPE Video Wine Library as we share a collection of videos highlighting delicious wines, food and wine pairings, wine trends and various wine related topics.

Introducing The Newest Winery To Join THEGRAPE… Pear Valley Vineyards & Winery!!!

Best Wine Reviews: Pear Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

One of the hidden gems from Paso Robles, CA! A delicious cabernet sauvignon that’s crafted for today or ten years from now. Either way you decide to enjoy it, the Pear Valley Cabernet Sauvignon will not disappoint!

The Prisoner Red Blend Wine Review

If you love red wine blends, then you’ve got to try The Prisoner 2012! Priced around $40 it exemplifies craftsmanship in blending. Its savory layers of flavor make it an ideal wine to pair with a variety of foods.

Wine Review: Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva

Considered one of the best Malbec wines from Argentina, Bodega Norton Reserva 2011 lives up to is critical acclaim. The shocking part is that it is only $15! In addition to its quality and value, the Bodega Norton Malbec Reserva 2011 also pairs well with a large variety of foods and recipes.

Caymus Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

This Cabernet Sauvignon from Caymus Vineyards in Napa Valley is an excellent buy at $69. With a wine rating of Grape Certified Gold and with sweet smelling aromatics of ripe cherry, sweet black plum and black currant, this wine will dazzle your senses.

Food & Wine Tips: Cooking With Food and Wine

Are you considering cooking with red or white wine? Are you not sure where to start? Maybe you’re in need of a little advice. Well, we’d like to help. Consider the following 7 grape tips when cooking with red or white wine.

Heart Healthy: The Health Benefits of Red Wine

Have you ever wondered, “What Are The Health Benefits Of Red Wine?” Well, we’d like to share why you should consider drinking a glass or two of wine a day, all in the name of improved health. In this video we’ll share some grape tips from recent studies about moderate wine consumption and how it may improve your health.

La Crema Pinot Noir Wine Review

This affordable $25 red wine delights with amazing flavors! It can be found at most supermarkets and its suggestion level is Grape Certified Gold. La Crema Pinot Noir pairs well with many foods and maintains high regard amongst its reviewers.

Dave Matthews (Band) Wine: The Dreaming Tree Crush Red Blend Review

The Dreaming Tree Wines by Dave Matthews & Steve Reeder. How awesome would it be to share a glass of wine with your favorite band, in celebration of Wine Wednesday? Well now you can with Dave Matthews and his line of Dreaming Tree Wines. Dating back to his early music days, Dave’s enthusiasm for wine is matched by his partner Steve Reeder.

Wine Review: Turnbull Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Turnbull Cellars Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon 2010! Delicious is this Cabernet’s middle name, with lush, dark red fruits wrapped in a velvety, satin oak finish. The blackberry, crème de cassis and licorice glide across your palate leaving a lasting finish that’s a touch dry but classically dramatic. Starting at $39.99’s Wine Rating is Grape Certified Gold.

Opus One Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review

Probably one of the finest wines out there, this Napa bred Cabernet Sauvignon blend exudes elegance. Opus One has ripened fruits, chocolate and espresso flavor notes that guide your nose with a well thought out aroma. A first taste of Opus One will yield savory fruit flavors, with a finish that pleasantly delivers a subtle taste that authenticates this special wine.

Justin Winery Review: Isosceles Cabernet Sauvignon Wine

This Bordeaux style blend from Justin in Paso Robles displays a stout arrangement of red and dark fruits, mocha, smoky cedar and licorice. Its finish is long and lasting with ripened tannins that are easily appealing. Recommendations include, decanting for about 1 hour for an enjoyable charm to be properly released and appreciated. This is definitely a Grape Certified wine perfect for a any special occasion!

Amalaya Malbec Red Blend Wine Review

This red blended Malbec wine from Argentina is one of the it wines of 2014. This red blend delivered mouthwatering flavors of red fruit, spice and hints of vanilla. Both vintages of the Amalaya Malbec red blend wine, 2010 and 2011, are destined to be a great!

Willamette Valley, Oregon’s Best Wine Review: Chardonnay

Well, we’d like to share a series of amazing, hand crafted Chardonnay wines, produced right here in the Western United States. In this episode of THEGRAPE’s Video Wine library we’ll begin by exploring 3 delicious Chardonnay’s from Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Washington Wine Review: Eroica Riesling – Chateau Ste. Michelle

This refreshing Riesling is under $20 and can be found at Total Wine, BevMo, Whole Foods and most supermarkets.This Grape Certified Gold wine is from Eroica in Washington State and its refreshing qualities and popularity have it poised to go Platinum!

Wine Review: Best Wine Under $20 – Grape Certified Gold! (Part 1) 

At THEGRAPE we’re constantly looking for ways to provide you with great everyday values in wine. These Grape Certified Gold wines are great wine bargains, coming in under $20. To find these and other Grape Certified Wines Under $20, to read wine reviews, shop for cheap red and white wines, or to learn about wine ratings, visit our! Cheers!

Shafer Vineyards Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Review 

One of the best wines available today is the Shafer Vineyards Hillside Select Cabernet Sauvignon red wine and it delivers on all points! Its complex structure makes for a delightful wine that pleases from beginning to end. In addition and because Hillside Select 2009 is so well rounded, it pairs well with a variety of mixed dishes.

Best Wine Review: Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz 2011

Considered to be one of the best “must try” Shiraz wines available, the Velvet Glove by Mollydooker is a 5 star Grape Certified Platinum red wine! Aromas of fresh flowers, black berries, blue berries and creative spices bribe your nose towards another delicious taste. Flavors include, tobacco, plum, coffee and several kinds of chocolate. Watch our video on The Velvet Glove and see what delicious foods to pair it with! For more food and Grape Certified Platinum wine pairings please visit!

Best Wine-Cloud Break Sauvignon Blanc White Wine Review 

Cloud Break Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious white wine. With consistent 4 star wine ratings, this wine under $10 white is rated Grape Certified Gold by The Grape. A nice balance of refreshing flavors, including juicy peach, honeydew and pear, and a smooth, crisp taste, this wine pairs well with foods like home made mac & cheese, Hawaiian pizza and a fresh green ahi salad. Visit thegrape for more wine reviews, wine prices, wine pairings and to shop for and buy cheap wines like the Cloud Break Sauvignon Blanc online.

Best Wine Review: Ferrari Carano Siena Sangiovese Red Blend 2011

Considered by The Grape and wine critics alike to be a “must try” wine that under $30, Siena Sangiovese exemplifies Ferrari Carano’s tradition of fine red wines. Taking into consideration its quality, its value and its consistent four-star reviews our wine rating for this Ferrari Carano wine is Grape Certified Gold! To find the premium wine shops that carry the Siena Sangiovese Red Blend from Ferrari Carano, and the best deals available, please visit!

Best Cheap Wine Review: Chardonnay by Kendall Jackson

Finding cheap but memorable California Chardonnay wines that are worth the glass they’re stored in, is a task not easily accomplished. Too many white wines lack personality and flavor because many winemakers are eager to churn out a generic sweetness that quickly dulls ones senses. That is why we’d like to share with you the Kendall-Jackson Vineyard, a winery synonymous with white wine.

Best Wine review: Leonetti Vineyards Merlot 2011 

Considered to be one of the best Merlot’s of 2011, this wine from Leonetti in Washington State is an experience you must try if you can! Its excellence and tradition are leading this wine towards being a potentially great one. To learn more about wines like the Leonetti Merlot and foods that pair well with them, please visit!

Best White Wine: Silverado Vineyards Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Considered to be an affordable and delicious white wine, the Silverado Vineyards Miller Ranch Sauvignon Blanc should be on your wine list as a must try! Because of its affordability and its consistent four star wine reviews our wine rating for this wine is Grape Certified Gold! To find the lowest price and the best deal on this Silverado Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc, please visit!

Best Wine Review: Graham Beck Brut Sparkling 

A crowd favorite that consistently receives 4+ stars from wine reviewers the world over; THEGRAPE rates Graham Beck’s Brut Grape Certified Gold. You might be thinking, “Is Graham Beck’s Brut really that good?” Well, it received the ultimate endorsement, twice, when both Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama celebrated with a glass after their groundbreaking presidential wins!

Numanthia Termanthia Toro 2010 Tempranillo – Best Wine Review 

Want a great international wine? Try this Grape Certified Gold wine from Spain called Termanthia. Considered to be one of the best Tempranillo wines of 2010, Termanthia’s heritance and lineage from famed Numanthia, offers this wine great potential. Watch the video and see what aromas and flavors of this wine will give you an experience that captures your senses! For more wine and food pairings from Spain, visit!

Best Wines Under $20 Reviewed – Grape Certified Gold! (Part 2) 

At THEGRAPE we look for new ways to provide you with exceptional everyday values in wine. These Grape Certified Gold wines are great wine bargains, coming in under $20. To find these and other Grape Certified Wines Under $20, to read wine reviews, shop for cheap red and white wines, or to learn about wine ratings, visit our Facebook page or! Cheers!

Best Wine Reviews: Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay 

Thank you for joining this edition of The Grape dot com’s Video Wine Library. We’re back with Part 2 of 4 in the Discovering American Chardonnays series. In Part 1 we explored Chardonnays from Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Today we head south to explore 3 delicious white wines from the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Best Wine Reviews: World’s End Against The Wind Reserve Cabernet Franc 

Against The Wind Reserve Cabernet Franc from World’s End is a delicious wine! Priced at $45, this intensely flavorful Cab Franc delivers a pleasantly smooth and enjoyable tasting experience. Aromas of brown sugar, ripe blackberries and coffee pleasure your senses from first taste to the end of the bottle. Watch our video to see what flavors this Cabernet Franc from World’s End offers and what foods to pair it with!

Best Wine from Tuscany, Italy : Oreno Red Wine Blend 2011

Considered by both The Grape and critics alike, this Bordeaux red wine from Oreno is a must try! Because of its quality, its value at its current price, and its consistent 4 star wine reviews, this Grape Certified Gold wine is sure to delight. Rich, juicy flavors of black cherry and blackberry combine with ultra-fine tannins to deliver a wine tasting experience that’s not only smooth and supple, but also long and satisfying. To find the best deal on the Oreno red blend or others like it, please visit!

Ruffino Vineyards Modus Red Blend 2010 – Best Wine Review 

At $20 a bottle, Modus Red Blend wine has been expressed as a modern example of wine making! Modus’ quality, international fan base and wine rating of Grape Certified Gold have this delicious red blend positioned to be a household name for years to come. Flavorsome layers of this wine make it perfect for pairing with a variety of foods. To see what foods we recommend please watch our video and to find other wine deals as good as the Ruffino Modus 2010, please visit!

The Jester Shiraz 2011 From Mitolo Vineyards Wine Review 

Priced at under $20 this Shiraz, called The Jester, is not only delicious but very food friendly! You could pair this wine with a wide variety foods and we’ve highlighted our favorites in the video. Marked as being Medium to Full Bodied, The Jester from Mitolo Vineyards delivers excellent quality from such a difficult vintage. To see more wines like The Jester Shiraz 2011, please visit! In addition to wines, we also have delicious recipes that have wine pairings.

Wines: Tablas Creek Vineyard – Rhone Blends 

With 1,000’s of wineries and 10’s of 1000’s of wines, the Tablas Creek Vineyard & Winery stands out in a sea of California wines. Known for their high quality, cheap wines, specialize in producing white and red Rhone blends. In this episode of TheGrape’s Video Wine Library, we explore two of their highly rated, Grape Certified Gold wines, while providing food & wine pairings. Visit thegrape at for more…