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Food & Wine Friday: Wine And Sex: Aphrodisiacs Ignite St. Valentine’s Day

This Week In Food & Wine: Wine & Sex – Aphrodisiacs

With St. Valentine’s Day right around the corner we thought we’d share a few foods that have proven effective aphrodisiacs; foods & wines that will fuel your sex drive!
We’d like to suggest you prepare a multi-course meal for the love of your life. The combination of (food) aphrodisiacs, a glass or two of wine and the love wrapped in this delicious meal, will help keep that sexual flame burning bright! This is Wine and Sex… Bon Appetit!

Start this St. Valentine’s evening off with a toast, “To (my love) for always inspiring me, teaching me to laugh & making my heart sing!”


Veuve Clicquot Rosé Champagne (France)

Starting at: $51 – Total Wine, & Select Wine Stores

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold

Notes: Enjoy hints of fresh red berries (raspberry, wild strawberry, cherry & blackberry) & Viennese pastries (almonds, apricots & brioche) while kicking off what promises to be an amazing evening!

Hors d’oeuvres: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus w/ Pita chips

Aphrodisiac: Capsaicin, a chemical found in fiery peppers, increases the circulation of blood, which stimulates nerve endings, so you feel more of the excitement!

1st Course: Cucumber salad w/ Avocado

Aphrodisiac: Avocados, which contain vitamin E, help women produce hormones that stimulate sexual response, including testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.



Settle into dinner with a delicious glass of white wine that will complement the sexually stimulating seafood in the accompanying courses.

Yalumba Eden Valley Viognier 2012 (Australia)

Starting at: $20 – & Select Wine Stores

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold

Notes: With apricots, honeysuckle, and a long orange oil finish, you’ll wish this were a never-ending bottle of Viognier.

2nd Course: Grilled Oysters w/ Chipotle Glaze

Aphrodisiac: Oysters, which are loaded with zinc, have the ability to spark readiness. Zinc cranks up testosterone production in men, which increases their sex drive!

3rd Course: Salmon w/ Watermelon & Mint Salsa

Aphrodisiacs: (a) Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which keep sex-hormone production at its peak. (b) Watermelon contains a phytonutrient called citrulline that increases the amount of nitric oxide in your body, which relaxes the blood vessels, speeds up circulation and improves sexual arousal time.



End the meal with a dessert that’s relaxing but exciting, sweet but seductive, and when paired with a glass of sherry is the final spark before the real fireworks!

Dios Baco Amontillado Sherry (Spain)

Starting at: $20 – & Select Wine Stores

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold

Notes: Cap off your evening with hints of butterscotch, caramel, toffee, hazelnut & spice. Chill and enjoy with dessert to really heat up this party, of 2!

Dessert: Banana Split w/ Vanilla Ice Cream, Hot Fudge & Whipped Cream

Aphrodisiac: Vanilla stimulates nerves, making sexual sensations feel heightened. So, why the Banana Split w/ Hot Fudge? First, phallus-shaped fruits keep your mind on sex, while the potassium helps maintain muscle strength for a more intense finish, for everyone! Come to think of it, why not take the whipped cream and hot fudge with you behind closed doors? Oh the fun you will have!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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