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Grape Tip Tuesday: Why The Decanter Is The Most Underrated Wine Tool

This Week In Wine 101: Why The Decanter Is The Most Underrated Wine Tool

Although a nice decanter can be a conversational piece and win compliments at a dinner party, there’s no need to break the bank for one. If your only intention is to use it as a means to release your wines full potential, believe it or not, an inexpensive, plastic pitcher will do. If you’d like something nicer, try crystal, which can be surprisingly inexpensive.


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Let’s get back to releasing your wines full potential! Young varietals, blends and vintages are the most common wines we buy so making the best of them should be important, right? Of course! This means “swirling” is your young wines best friend. Exposure to oxygen intensifies the aromas of young, tannic red wines and softens their textures. So let your bottle “glug” into the decanter. Along with some swirling, allowing your wine to breathe for 30 – 60 minutes will make a dramatic and hopefully enjoyable difference.


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On the other hand we have older, vintage wines. You’ll want to be gentle with these wines, treating them as if they are in fact, old timers. Wines that have spent years in a cellar may have a funky smell but don’t worry. Give it room to breath and it’ll shed that aroma in 30 – 60 minutes. So, when decanting aged or vintage red wines, pour the wine slowly along the inside of the decanter, filtering out any sediment that may have accumulated at the bottom of the bottle.

Use these quick tips to get more enjoyment from each and every bottle of wine you encounter! We appreciate you joining us for this week’s Wine 10 Grape Tip. We hope it was helpful and will allow you to enjoy your wine that much more in the future. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like it and share it with your friends. For any other comments or suggestions, feel free to comment below or write us at info@thegrape.com. Cheers to the full potential of all your future wines!

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