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Grape Tips Thursday – October 1, 2015: Red & White Wine Glass Guide by THEGRAPE

This Week In Wine 101: Why Pour Red & White Wine Into a Particular Wine Glass?

Most of us have enjoyed wine from a plastic party cup, margarita or martini glass, or our favorite coffee mug without thinking twice about it. But did you know there are glasses specifically designed to enhance your wine drinking experience? In light of this we’d like to explore the following question, “What’s the importance of wine being poured into a particular wine glass?”

Wine enthusiasts often recommend, even profess, how one should invest in the proper glassware. So what’s the reason for this? Wine is best served in a particular wine glass is to help circulate the flow of oxygen – which as we know can help improve the taste. In addition, there are different wine glasses for different types of wine. There are wine glasses for red, white, sparkling and fortified wines and champagne.

So for those of us who aren’t familiar with the importance of specific wine glasses and their purpose, we’d like to help you better understand why there are different types of wine glasses, what their purpose is, and how serving a wine in a particular wine glass can improve the overall taste.


Wine Glass Design

So, how do you differentiate between the different types of wineglasses? Let’s start with the design of a wine glass. At the top you have what we call the bowl of the glass, followed by the stem and then the base. You’ll notice there are several different shapes and bowl sizes.


Various Red and White Wine Glasses - THEGRAPE

Various Types of Red and White Wine Glasses – THE GRAPE


Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses have bigger bowls that narrow at the top. The bowl is usually wider and rounder. This design helps the red wine aerate or oxygenate, which softens the sharp flavors, allowing the aromas to surface more easily. Below are a few examples of red wine glasses you may see.


White Wine Glass

White wine glasses, have a slightly a different design, which allows the wine’s aromas to manifest, they also tend to have long stems that keep the wine chilled for a longer period of time. Usually the bowl of white wine glasses tends to vary from petite bowls (for Sauvignon Blanc) to wider bowls (for Chardonnay). Holding the glass by the stem maintains the temperature of the wine. Avoid holding the glass by the bowl as the heat from your fingertips will increase the temperature of the wine. Here are some examples of wine glasses designed for white wine:


Stemless Wine Glasses

However, there are wine glasses without a stem and they’re just as good as a standard wine glass. If you’ve recently purchased stemless wine glasses, hold the glass near the rim to maintain a more consistent temperature.


Stemless Wine Glasses - THEGRAPE

Stemless Wine Glasses – THE GRAPE


As for champagne and sparkling wine glasses both have a similar design. They are easily distinguishable because they have a tall elegant shape that is narrowed at the top. These glasses do not require room in the bowl to breathe.


Champagne and Sparkling Wine Flutes - THEGRAPE

Champagne and Sparkling Wine Flutes – THE GRAPE


So should you invest in a variety of wine glass sets to accommodate red, white and champagne wines you collect or purchase? Not necessarily. Some prefer red wine over white wine and vice versa. If this is you, it’s ok to only purchase wineglasses that suit your tastes as a wine enthusiast. On the other hand, you can find wine glass sets that accommodate an assortment of varietals – but there are also a number of wine enthusiasts that invest in wine glasses that are universally fit for all types of varietals.


Various Wine Glasses #2 - THEGRAPE

Various Wine Glasses #2 – THE GRAPE


While some feel the taste of wine is much better when poured into a glass that is designed for the type of varietal, this matter is subjective and depends on the individual. But if you’re able to try a wine in a specific glass that is appropriate for that varietal, you’ll be able to better distinguish the differences and may prefer wine served in that glass. Cheers from!

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