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Grape Tips Tuesday: Why Do I Get A Wine Hangover?

This Week In Wine 101: Why Do I Get A Wine Hangover?

We’ve all been there, laughing having a good time with friends, conversations become more interesting as bottle upon bottle are opened – drinking ourselves into either a happy state or a stupor. Only to wake up the following morning feeling as though you are dying a slow and horrible death. Every movement and every sound irritates and only amplifies the usual hangover symptoms you are currently experiencing. Then at one point you find yourself asking, “how is this possible? Last week I had more to drink? I nearly drank a whole bottle of vodka and I wasn’t hung over at all. Why do I feel so awful?” So, what has changed and why did I get and how do I deal with a wine hangover?


The Effects of Alcohol

Do you ever wonder why certain wines have profoundly devastating repercussions for drinking their sweet liquid while other wines don’t seem to have any effect on you at all? It’s only natural; there are a several reasons why you could react a certain way to specific wines. For starters, if you’re a woman, women generally absorb more alcohol into their bloodstream than men do. So this may be one contributing factor. Secondly, your current health state could also play into how you’ll feel the following morning. For example, did you eat enough? Did you drink enough fluids (water)? Not to mention, a person’s body weight. All these factors are worth considering when contemplating how this could have happened to you.

Taking all those factors into consideration can help you have a better understanding of the aftermath that might lie ahead. However, the truth is you probably need to upgrade your wine standards just a tad bit. It’s true. The cheaper wines tend to have awful side affects that lead to horrendous hangovers in the morning. Now when I say cheaper, I’m not necessarily talking about price, I’m talking about product. Plus, the more sugar content a wine has or the sweeter its disposition, the more it will affect your ability to function properly the next day. You may be thinking, “But wines don’t have as much alcohol as vodka, so why the bad hangover?“


How Does Alcohol Work?

We all know how alcohol works; it dehydrates the body. If we don’t continue to hydrate ourselves as we drink, our body absorbs all that alcohol and we either pisses it all out or we sweat it all out. To make matters worse, when you continue to drink alcohol you and don’t hydrate yourself, you are only setting yourself up for quite the morning. Plus, sweeter wines and cheaper wines only intensify the aftermath of what you’re setting yourself up for the following morning. That’s why it’s recommended that for every glass of wine you should drink at least 8 – 12 oz. of water. Wines with sweeter sides like certain types of, Pinot Noir, Australian Shiraz (not all but some), Zinfandel, Mogen David Kosher wine, Fuki Plum, anything from a gas station or 7-11, etc. will most likely lead to a horrible hangover. Again, not all of these varieties will leave you feeling awful in the morning certain wines affect others differently. Plus, if you over indulge and do not properly hydrate yourself, well then you’ll have first hand experience of what their effects are.


How To Prevent a Wine Hangover

To conclude, make sure you eat well, and not just a salad with croutons, aim for a nice healthy, hearty meal. Make sure to hydrate to avoid a wine hangover. A good practice is to drink 1 glass of water for every glass of wine, while limiting your consumption to 1 glass of wine every 45 – 60  minutes. And stay away from wines sold at gas stations and you’re local “liquor store.” It’s better to stick with buying wines from your local grocery store, wine store, winery or online retailer. There are a number of other “home remedies” that people employ but we can’t vouch for any of these methods and in the end, moderation is always the best policy. Drink less (wine) and hydrate more (water). Cheers!

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