Grape Tips Tuesday: Which Wine Reviews Can I Trust?

This Week In Wine 101: Exploring Which Wine Reviews Can You Trust?

When it comes to wine reviews there’s an endless pool of opinions but which reviews can you trust to have your palate’s best interest at heart? It’s like a veritable pool of wine olympic ratings and critics, all competing for your attention. If you’re a newcomer to the wine scene and are unsure which reviews to trust, it can be a bit of a gamble, considering the fact that you are still discovering an assortment of varietals as well as discerning the differences between what you deem as poor, good, great and excellent wine! I’m not saying you’ll lose your money, but when it comes to wine, the matter is entirely subjective. Not to mention, when you have the means to invest or purchase a more expensive case or bottle of wine, it’s better to have a couple or several trusted wine reviews (opinions) to back up your purchase instead of shopping in the dark and picking a bottle at random.

For those of you who already have some sort of foundation and are looking for wine reviews that you can trust to help you select wines to buy, collect or invest in, we’ve listed some great sources to help you find satisfying wines too. So, which wine reviews can you trust? Let’s start with the following sources:

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Wine Critics: There are individuals who’ve made a name for themselves in the wine industry. Those whose opinions have profound affects on the wine market – critics such as: Robert Parker, James Suckling, Jancis Robinson, Stephen Tanzer, Antonio Galloni, and so on and so forth. Many have their own website where they share their thoughts and opinions on different varietals from all over the world. Generally, these wine critics tend to have very good taste in wines. Although, you may not always agree with their reviews but these individuals tend to offer trustworthy reviews that you can rely on. If you’re unsure who to trust, try purchasing a bottle of wine that one of the above critics gave a positive review to. You may find their taste or style in wine differs from your own – or you may find your new “go-to” critic for wines.

Wine Magazines -

Magazines: Certain magazines with a focus on food and/or wines can also provide trustworthy reviews. Magazines like, Wine Spectator, Wine Enthusiast, Bon Apetit, Food & Wine, Wine & Spirits, along with Decanter, to name a few.

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Friends & Family: Then there are wine reviews from people you know – e.g. family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, etc. And who better to trust than someone you know on a personal level or have similar tastes for wines with? Ok, so they may not be certified sommeliers but the truth is, anyone can share their review of a wine. Often times you may be surprised by which wines your friends recommend or have purchased. Ask your circle of confidants if they’ve tried any new wines recently and what they thought? Or perhaps they have some good suggestions for pairing. Nine times out of ten you’ll find the best reviews come from the people you know.

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@thegrapedotcom: At THEGRAPE our goal is to educate any and everyone who wants to learn a little something about wine, without all of the fluff and pomp typically associated with wine. While we don’t consider ourselves experts, like you we look for simple answers to the questions we have and we enjoy passing along this knowledge, taking the legwork out of finding the answers you seek to make wine a little, if not a lot, easier to understand. In addition, by reviewing and recommending one wine and one recipe each week, we hope to truly simplify the number of choices you’ve got to sift through. Why waste time staring at a shelf with 100’s, if not 1,000’s, of wines when you can pop in each week and find a wine that you’ll be able to enjoy until you’re ready to try something new. By then you’ll know we’ve reveiwed a number of amazing wines, which you know you’ll be able to browse through quickly to find that one delicious wine you’ll love.

When you put all these opinions together, collectively you’ll have a pretty good idea of which wines to try, purchase, collect or invest in. Plus, as you start to test your palate and discover the types of varietals you like from different regions you’ll be able to lock down on a wine when you’re shopping or have the confidence to choose a wine you feel would be flavorful. Remember to trust your palate.

We hope this week’s Tuesday Tip was not only helpful but but will inspire you to keep learning & sharing knowledge about wine. If you have any questions, comments or tips you’d like to share feel free to leave them below or drop us a line at Cheers!

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