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What Is It About Wine?

Why does it touch culture, create passion, and even inspire art and philosophy? At most social gatherings there is something or someone present that helps all in attendance relax and forget the stressors of everyday life. Wine is often this presence and it serves (many) different purposes for each of us, including:

  • For some, wine is used to help with the nerves, allowing individuals to become more outgoing and sociable (a.k.a. liquid courage).
  • For many it’s another night on the binge.
  • For some it’s a special occasion that took time, heart and execution.
  • Still for others it’s an event that took time, money, endurance, strategy and planning to create the perfect event or function for everyone to enjoy and participate in.


Despite the planning, each of us has a preference. Everyone has a ‘poison’. And everyone has a way of letting go to loosen up and enjoy them-selves in order to live in the moment for that simple experience that can transcend into the perfect evening they’ve set out for. It is through these very experiences that… Culture, Art, Philosophy and Passion for wine go hand in hand, elevating the experience while savoring a beautiful glass of your favorite wine.

Wine has a unique elegance. It’s unlike any other alcohol, including beer, vodka, whiskey, scotch, tequila, rum or gin. Wine stands on its own, with its sensual and alluring aromas; layered flavors of mysterious earthly tastes; exotic fruits, diverse textures and sheer elegance; all of which inspires deep, thoughtful conversation. Because, when you take the time to experience and enjoy a glass of wine you fall right into its true being, its true nature. You unlock the full potential and discover the many hidden secrets and qualities. And I imagine it would influence anyone to dive right into them-selves.

Wine is in an art (form)! From the planting of the grape vines to the harvesting of red and white grapes; from the hand selected grapes to the detailed process of de-stemming, crushing, fermenting and aging the wine in stainless steel or oak barrels; from the secondary malolactic fermentation of white wine, the blending of grape varietals and finally, the bottling of delicious wines. Even the production and assembly line has an art to it, a delicate, systematic procedure that correlates with a philosophy influenced by centuries of a culture progressed. Culture is the art and manifestation of human and intellectual achievement regarded collectively by a particular nation or people. Like the discovery of automobile, wine was also discovered and has evolved over time.

Wine tastings, vineyards, blind-tasting contests, festivals, and food and wine pairings are all part of wine culture. Growing many or specific varietals. Sitting in a chair in front of a beautiful sunset, eating a delicious meal after a long, hard days work. Or enjoying an afternoon with friends and family around a big table full of food and an assortment of wines to pair with each course with conversations stirring and children playing. Wine can also help us celebrate those moments in life worth celebrating, success, love, partnerships, promotions, and more!

We all know each wine enthusiast has ‘his’ or ‘her’ own philosophy; some are pretentious or arrogant, while others are fun, insightful and inspirational. But what does it mean to be a wine enthusiast or connoisseur? Is it a professional expert? A specialist? For some, it is more of a hoity-toity title. But for those of us who truly appreciate wine, the essence of a connoisseur is showing a true affinity for the wine itself, while knowing its many styles and forms. Everyone can be a judge and call him or herself an expert, however, a connoisseur is someone well versed in the realm of wine that does not boast or talk down to those less educated on the subject. They inspire, enlighten and share their knowledge. We all have the potential to be connoisseurs in every arena of life. It’s how we apply ourselves to those areas and how dedicated we are about pursuing more information on those topics.

To finish, wine touches Art, Culture, Philosophy and Connoisseurs because elementally wine is a combination of all these things. Wine thrives through the history and it’s pure existence throughout time. Experts study wine to see the progress of how wine has evolved and changed over the centuries, but also highlight other stories, facts, and features we were not aware of. How has wine affected your life? Share with thegrape.com below of visit our Facebook page. Cheers!

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