This Week In Wine Review: Oct 23 – 29, 2016

This Week In Wine: We take a look at why the decanter is the most underrated wine tool, we review a delicious non-vintage white blend, we look back at one of our favorite white wines, and we prepare an appetizer that’ll have your mouth saying… Mmmm!

Welcome to this weeks edition of This Week in Wine — your one-stop serving of this week’s best wine related posts, including wine tips (aka Grape Tips), wine recommendations and food and wine recipe pairings, pulled from our weekly editions of This Week In Wine. Bookmark this page to peruse while you cheerfully and (very) warmly welcome a cool fall — and start your weekend off on the right foot. Here’s to another delicious week!

Wine 101

Filling a wine decanter -

This Week In Wine 101: Why The Decanter Is The Most Underrated Wine Tool

Although a nice decanter can be a conversational piece and win compliments at a dinner party, there’s no need to break the bank for one. If your only intention is to use it as a means to release your wines full potential, believe it or not, an inexpensive, plastic pitcher will do. If you’d like something nicer, try crystal, which can be surprisingly inexpensive. So, let’s get back to releasing your wines full potential!

Wine Wednesday

The 18th Edition Sokol Blosser Evolution White Blend - THEGRAPE

This Week In Wine: Sokol Blosser Evolution White Blend 18th Edition NV

The highly rated 18th Edition of the Sokol Blosser Evolution White Blend is both complex and approachable, a truly intense and flavorful blend of grapes. Wine Enthusiast had this to say about this Grape Certified Gold medal winning wine, “A nonvintage blend, the Evolution is as clever as it gets… It’s thoroughly delicious…”

Throwback Thursday

The 2014 Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay

This Week In Red Wine: Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay

While some might say the straw-colored Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay has a “delightfully aromatic profile,” at THEGRAPE we say it smells simply delicious. When we took our first sips we noticed the flavors had a great balance of fruit without being over the top. When you combine this balance of ripe fruit with the creaminess of the butter you’ll find yourself ready to kick off your shoes and enjoy a glass (or bottle) of this delicious white wine by itself or with a variety of foods and festivities.

Food & Wine Friday

Sautéed Clams and Chardonnay - THEGRAPE

This Week In Food & Wine: Sautéed Clams and White Wine

This appetizer of sautéed clams and white wine will have you and your guests humming… Mmm… Mmm…Mmm! We’ve decided to feature this delicious appetizer because it’s super easy to make and sets the stage for almost any entrée. And when paired with our Grape Certified Gold medal winning white wines, you’ll feel like you’ve kicked up your food game a notch!

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This has been another great week of Wine 101, aka  Grape Tips, Wine Wednesday recommendations and Food & Wine Recipes! We hope you enjoyed this episode of This Week In Wine. We’re not only confident you’ll enjoy this weeks grape tip but we’re excited for you to try this week food and wine suggestions. If you enjoyed this post please don’t forget to like it above and join the discussion by leaving a rating and a comment below. Thanks and we’ll see you next week for another edition of This Week In Wine. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below and at Cheers!

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