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Wine Product Review: Ravi Decanter

This Week In Wine Product Reviews: Ravi Decanter

Last week we shared why the wine decanter is the most underrated wine tool available. This week we review the Ravi decanter, one of the most innovative and convenient wine accessories. Its uniquely clever modular design (as seen below) is what makes it one of the best wine decanters you can buy. It’s 2 detachable sections make it easier than ever to clean the inside of a decanter and isn’t that the #1 problem with most wine decanters? It’s this difficulty cleaning wine aerators that makes them almost as annoying as they are useful. Almost! But that’s no longer an issue with the Ravi wine decanter. This wine decanters sophisticated and simple design makes it easy to take apart for a simpler, more thorough wine aerator cleaning.


Ravi Decanter w/ modular design


Using the highest quality materials, the Ravi decanter is made from mouth blown, lead-free, lime glass. The wide base allows your wine to breath more freely. This increase in air will help soften the tannins, “opening up” your wine for greater enjoyment. Attached at the neck by a stainless steel ring, the Ravi decanter also comes with an attachment (seen above, left) for the Ravi instant wine refresher (as seen below). The Ravi wine chiller works by cooling your wine as it passes through the attachment and costs about $20.


Ravi decanter with wine chiller


Ok, so you may be wondering why we’re reviewing a product that’s been on the market as long as this one. It’s not for lack of awareness of it’s existence. Instead, at THEGRAPE we pride ourselves on finding great deals on wine and related products and we recently stumbled on a great deal on this wine aerator. We were especially lucky to find this wine decanter for under $20 at a local department store. It normally retails for $70 to $80. Even though that’s not a price we normally expect, we did find a number of sites online selling the Ravi decanter for around $50 or less. This represents a 37.5% discount! So keep your eyes peeled while holiday shopping at your local and online wine, home and department stores for great deals on this product.

We hope you enjoyed this review of the Ravi Decanter and wine chiller. At THEGRAPE we’re always looking for great wines and products at equally great prices. If you’d like to share an experience you’ve had with this wine accessory feel free to leave a comment and rating below. Cheers!


Ravi Wine Decanter
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The Ravi decanter is one of the most innovative wine accessories available. Its unique modular design is what makes it one of the best wine decanters you can buy. Made of 2 detachable sections, it's never been easier to clean the inside of a decanter. The Ravi decanter is made from the highest quality materials, including mouth blown, lead-free, lime glass. Because the base is so wide, your wine will be able to truly breath, which will soften the tannins, opening up your wine for greater enjoyment. Because of its modular design, the Ravi wine aerator base and neck are attached by a stainless steel ring and it comes with an attachment for the Ravi instant wine refresher, or wine chiller.

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