Grape Tips Thursday – November 26, 2015: 16 Reasons To Buy Wine Online

This Week In Wine 101: Why You Should Buy Wine Online?

If you’re contemplating why you should start buying wine online, I raise this question, why not? Today we are able to do most anything online. We purchase electronics, clothes, shoes, furniture, kitchen appliances, gifts, plane tickets, hotel accommodations, rental cars, and the list goes on – so why not buy wine online?

While you think it over, here are 16 great reasons why you should consider buying wine online:


Effort & Convenience

1. Think of the traffic you won’t have to sit in along with the parking you won’t have to find because you’ll be sitting in the comfort of your own home. Shopping in your boxer’s or favorite football jersey.

2. Ladies no longer have to worry about getting dolled up to go out and buy a bottle or two.

3. You don’t have to worry about the store being closed or open at a certain hour. Shopping for wine online is a luxury that is available 24/7.

4. All you need is a laptop, smartphone or tablet, with an internet connection of course, and a credit card.


Efficiency & Selection

5. You can multi-task while you browse the selection of wines that retailers have to offer.

6. The wine selections available online are much greater than what you would find at your local liquor or grocery store.

7. Shopping online allows you to check your selections against vintage charts; seeing which vineyards had a good year; and what bottles are worth investing in or will age well.

8. If you’re like many wine enthusiasts, you already know exactly what you’re looking for and are aware of the inventory that is available at the liquor stores within your neighborhood – shopping online is the perfect solution to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Deals & Delivery

9. When you purchase wine online, you no longer have to concern yourself with carrying or lifting boxes to your car and hauling them home. Your order is brought to your doorstep; the process is hassle free.

10. Some wine sites main focus is helping consumers find wines at the best prices available. Plus they provide the seller’s information, where the wines are shipped from, and other relevant shipping details.

11. You can find the most amazing deals online. Many times, online retailers will purchase small orders of wine at bulk rates and offer them at discounted prices. However, these flash sales may only last a day or so, sometimes even selling out within minutes. So, try to snag these deals while they’re hot!

12. If you’re too busy to go out and purchase a bottle or shop online, wine clubs are a great way to explore and discover new varietals from different regions. They present a questionnaire that helps them find wines that are agreeable to your palate. Expect to receive a set number of wines right to your doorstep on either a monthly or quarterly basis and finding a package that meets your style in wine and budget isn’t difficult.


Reviews, Samples & Wineries

13. If you’ve recently had the pleasure of visiting a winery and enjoyed their wines but are concerned you may not find them in your neighborhood liquor store, fear not. You can go online and purchase those wines you fell in love with directly from the winery’s website. Often times you end up paying less because you skip the middleman by going straight to the source. They also offer great suggestions for pairing and have excellent tasting notes to help you find those gems you’ve been looking to add to your wine collection or enjoy for a nice dinner.

14. Offering a more personalized touch to online shopping are small merchants. What’s more, you can call and talk to the proprietor yourself and ask questions about their varietals and selections they offer – ultimately finding those hidden beauties that are delicious and meet your budget.

15. Reviews, scoring and tasting notes from other wine lovers are another great way to help you make your purchase online and inspire you to venture out and try new varietals with flavors you love.

16. If you’re worried about purchasing a wine that you might not like, some retailers have put those concerns to rest by offering customers small packages of sample bottles for their customers.


What Else Should I Consider When Buying Wine Online?

Store Shipping Policies

Like with any other online retailer you will want to read the shipping policies in full. Shipping wine can be an expensive endeavor. Many wine connoisseurs recommend overnight shipping to avoid the amount of time your wines spends in transit. Also, weather conditions can prevent your order from making it to your home on time. Varied or poor climate temperature settings on the truck can affect the wine as well, not to mention the possibility of bottle shock. It is also important to make sure you have someone over 21 present upon its delivery.


State Shipping Laws

There are some states that have strict shipping laws that do not allow wine to be delivered within the state or have absurd shipping costs. For this reason, I suggest reviewing the shipping laws within your state. If you live in a state with strict shipping laws, consider shopping online from a local merchant and picking up your order in person and just know you’re helping the economy within your state.

In conclusion, there are plenty of reasons why you should start to buy wine online. The real question is what is stopping you? You can easily find wines at incredible prices anywhere you like and you can research your selections before hand and find the retailers that offer the best prices. No need to leave your home on a cold, rainy or snowy day. Stay inside next to the fireplace and enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee while you shop online. Choose overnight shipping and wait for your order to arrive on your doorstep. Or purchase from a local merchant within your state to support the growth of your state’s economy. When trying to find a trustworthy wine retailer, choose one that is well known and has excellent reviews. It’s that simple. Happy shopping!

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