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Food & Wine Friday’s – December 5, 2014: Champagne & Breakfast In Bed

This Week In Food & Wine: Breakfast In Bed With Champagne

Did someone say they wanted some breakfast and bubbly in bed this weekend? Well, should your significant other feel like treating you like the queen, or king, you are this weekend; we’ve come up with some suggestions on how to add some zest to your special, weekend morning mimosa! This isn’t to say that some good champagne isn’t delightful in and of itself; we just thought we would share some simple ideas to spruce things up.

I think we can all agree the mimosa is one of the simplest, most dignified cocktails we know. However, orange juice and the effervescence of champagne isn’t all that fancy; so we’re going to turn up the flavor by adding a little WOW!

There are dozens of champagne cocktails out there, but these maintain the delicate nature of a mimosa, while adding a much-needed spark. You really don’t want something too bitter or too heavy in the morning, because of this we’d like to suggest some variations that are sweet, fruity, and smooth.

These days, a lot of people use Prosecco instead of champagne. It’s tends to be cheaper, and the thought is that quality doesn’t matter quite as much when you’re mixing in ingredients. So if your thoughts are the same, here are some suggestions that can be found online, at a local supermarket or at a local wine retailer, like Total Wine or BevMo.



Adami Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut Bosco di Gica ($20)

Non-Vintage from Veneto, Italy

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold


Caposaldo Prosecco ($16)

Non-Vintage from Veneto, Italy

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold


For the purists and those simply wanting to up the ante, for a really delightful flavor, we recommend real champagne. Here are our cost friendly suggestions that can also be found online, at a local supermarket or at a local wine retailer, like Total Wine or BevMo.



Alfred Basely Brut ($27)

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold


Laurnet Perrier Brut ($29)

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold


Jacquart Brut Mosaique ($27)

Wine Rating: Grape Certified Gold


Without further ado, here are some alternatives to the classic mimosa to try out this weekend! Or any other day for that matter, just enjoy!

Bubbly & Champagne Cocktails with Breakfast In Bed - Grapefruit Champgane Cocktail, Hibiscus Mimosa, French 75, Rhubarb Champagne Cocktail - THEGRAPE

Grapefruit Champagne Cocktail

A very simple twist on a mimosa, just add some fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice instead of orange. Try using ruby red grapefruit juice for some added color. Simply refreshing!


Hibiscus Mimosa

This one’s a little more complicated, with the wild hibiscus syrup and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur, but it’s really nice once it comes together. Add the champagne, then the wild hibiscus syrup and lastly the Germain Elderflower Liqueur. Enjoy! (If you don’t have the hibiscus syrup, just St. Germain and champagne is nice as well.)


Rhubarb Champagne Cocktail

This one is seasonal because of the Rhubarb but if you are able to enjoy it, do take advantage of the opportunity! Add a spoonful of syrup to the bottom of your glass; pour in the champagne or Prosecco and watch the syrup swirl up the sides. Easy and tasty!


Red Vermouth and Blackberry Champagne Cocktail

We like the idea of soaking the blackberries with a bit of alcohol and some sugar, this way you get juice without totally losing the integrity of the berries. If you prefer a milder drink don’t use the red vermouth.


French 75 Champagne Cocktail

Lastly, we have this classic variation. While some recipes call for cognac, we suggest the flavor of the gin. You’ll need 1 oz. of Gin, ½ oz. of orange liqueur and ½ oz. of lemon juice. First, pour the lemon juice, gin and orange liqueur into a shaker with ice; shake well and then strain into a chilled champagne flute. Nest carefully, add champagne and enjoy!


We here at The Grape hope you enjoyed this information. If you have any information that might make this post more enjoyable, please feel free to share! Thanks and have a grape weekend!

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