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Grape Tips Thursday: What Are The Best Temperatures For Serving Wines?

This Week In Grape Tips: The Best Temperatures For Serving Wines

What are the ideal temperatures to serve wines?

A general rule of thumb serves true here, the lighter the wine, the cooler it should be served!

  1. Sparkling Wine – Ideally sparkling wines should be served below 40˚F. They tend to taste better and more often than not, won’t spray all over your company when you open it.
  2. White Wines – Because these wines are a bit more aromatic their ideal serving temperature is a few degrees above refrigerator temperature. Specifically, this is between 45˚F-54˚F.
  3. Lastly, Red Winess – Because they can seem too alcoholic when warm, their ideal temperature is between 54˚F and 65˚F. Pouring them slightly cooler than room temperature can make all the difference in your taste buds enjoyment!


To learn more about the best ways to store wine, check out Advantages and Disadvantages of Wine Storage Solutions, and how long you should store wines in your wine cellar for, check out How Long Should I Store Wine Bottles? This has been another Grape Tip. We here at The Grape would love to hear your thoughts on our tips! Please feel free to comment on our posts or write us at! Cheers!

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