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BBQ’d New York Steak With Wine

Whether you’re hosting the big game or just doing some barbequing for your family and friends, this New York steak with wine recipe is as simple as it gets and is bound to impress. All you’ll need is enough 1” thick New York steaks for your guests, some garlic salt and some fresh ground pepper. Yes we know it seems so simple, but remember two things!


  1. Some of the best steak dinners out there are the simplest of recipes


  1. We’re pairing it with wine! That alone should make everyone happy!


Here are your BBQ’d New York Steak With Wine suggestions:


1. Zinfandel – a spicy red wine that tends to have blueberry and blackberry tasting notes.

Suggested Wines: Ravenswood Merlot or Kenwood Merlot

Average Price $15-$20 Per Bottle


2. Merlot – a dry red wine that tends to have plum, blueberry and clove tasting notes.

Suggested Wines: Blackstone Merlot (California) or Chateau Ste. Michelle Merlot (Columbia Valley)

Average Price $12-$16 Per Bottle


3. Syrah – a red wine that tends to have blackberry, plum and pepper tasting notes.

Suggested Wines: 2004 Montevina Syrah (Amador County) – This red wine has been referred to as “the model of a BBQ wine.”

Average Price $10.00 Per Bottle


Here are your grilling instructions:

You will be grilling your steaks over high heat and with the lid open. Whether charcoal or gas it doesn’t matter as long as there’s high heat. The time you’ll be cooking the steaks for is approximately eight minutes per New York steak.


Here are your step-by-step grilling directions:

1. Approximately forty-five minutes before you’re ready to grill your New York steaks take them out of the fridge and rub them in garlic salt and fresh ground pepper.

2. Once you’ve done this we recommend leaving them on the counter so they can warm to room temperature.

3. Next preheat your grill on high and since you’ll be cooking your steaks directly on the grills surface, you’ll want to make sure it’s nice and clean.

5. To test the necessary “high heat,” hold your hand about two inches above the grill and see if the temperature is right. On average, for gas and charcoal grilling you shouldn’t be able to hold your hand over the heat for more than five seconds. If the heat feels right, you’re ready to start cooking the steaks.

6. Next, place the New York steaks on the grill and it is extremely important to never pierce the meat. This will let out flavorful juices and can dry the meat out. Our recommendation is to use flat tongs if you have them!

7. Now, after about two to three minutes use the tongs to pick up the steaks and rotate them ninety degrees. This simple movement allows you to mark the steaks with those recognizable grill marks.

8. After two more minutes you’re ready to flip the steaks. Pick them up one by one and flip them over. An important note is that this is the only time you’re going to flip the steaks.

9. After another two minutes, rotate the New York steaks another ninety degrees. This will give you matching grill marks on both sides of your steaks.

10. Lastly, grill them for a final two minutes and they should be ready for removal. Take the grilled steaks off the barbeque and let them rest for at least five minutes before serving. This should give you a medium rare finish but for those who like a well-done steak, you can stick them back on the grill for a few more minutes.


We at hope this simple recipe was helpful and we look forward to you sharing your experiences on your patio! Here’s to living the grape life! Cheers!

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