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Grape Tips Tuesday: 10 Tips To Impress Your Date With Wine

This Week In Wine 101: How To Impress Your Date With Wine

When it comes to dating, especially for some men, there is nothing more perplexing than trying to impress your date or significant other. And what if they’re a wine enthusiast? Having the confidence to find a bottle of wine they’ll enjoy can be all the more challenging. Whether she knows her favorite wines or he has yet to discover which wines he loves, matters not. While not every woman likes wine, there aren’t many who will decline a glass or even a bottle. Plus, there’s always an occasion for wine.

Wine brings people together, encouraging the conversation to evolve, allowing the two of you to open up in order to learn more about each other, and for each of you, finding new ways to impress your wine loving date. Below we’ve compiled a list of ways to spark your imagination with the intent to impress the man or woman in your life.


10 GRAPE TIPS To Impress Your Date OR Significant Other 

Make it fun, interesting and remember it’s not all about impressing her it’s also about having a good time and enjoying great wine!

1. Hang Out. Going out with your friends or colleagues? Pay attention to what the women around you are drinking. Are they enjoying a white, rosé, or red wine? Don’t be afraid to ask what type of wine they’re drinking. Ask her what she likes about the wine & why? Find out what her favorite wine and types of wines are and more importantly, what bottle turned her on to wine? If she has yet to experience a wine she likes or loves, now’s your opportunity to help her find the wine that will captivate her senses on every level!

2. Research. If she is a wine enthusiast, do your homework, find out which varietals she favors, which brands she likes, etc. If you are not well versed with wine, learn the basics, such as wine grape varieties, famous regions, both top quality and economical or cheap wines, and popular labels currently trending. Then take her to a tasting that offers wine she likes or loves.

3. Eat. Make sure there’s food. That way you can blend the food and wine together in order to gain the experience in full affect. Besides, there is nothing more satisfying than creating a mixture of flavors inside her mouth and watching her enjoy the combination.


How To Impress You Date With Wine - Couples Enjoying Wine At Dinner - THEGRAPE

4. Go Out. Find a unique wine bar or cool restaurant with great food and wine. If the ambiance is romantic, the music is hip, and the wine and food are delectable, she’s more likely to be impressed. Try to learn her food likes in advance, which varietals she favors, and what desserts her sweet tooth craves. Combining these, while keeping the wine in mind, speak with the wait staff or sommelier to select a bottle of wine beforehand or perhaps pick two so she can choose just in case she’s not moved by your first pick. She’ll be dazzled by your brilliance!

5. Take A Wine Class. If you’re both new to wine and have so far liked the wines you’ve tried, take a wine course together and learn more! Research wine courses or tastings to attend nearby. These are great ways to learn about and experience different wines and find ones you both like. Remember to pay close attention to what she likes. If there’s a particular bottle she favored jot the name down or take a picture, buy it without her knowledge and then surprise her with a bottle and some glasses or flowers.


Cooking With Wine - Wine Cooking Class - THEGRAPE

6. Take A Cooking Class. If your date or partner loves to cook, research food and wine pairing courses. These courses are creative, fun, and a great way to learn more about the blending of foods with certain wines but it will also give you insight to their palate.

7. Stay In. Invite your date over for drinks before going out to dinner. Prepare some light appetizers (e.g. vegetables and hummus, cheese and crackers, mixed berries, nuts, etc.) to go with a nice bottle of wine. If you don’t know what they like, buy a the following wine varietals as they are widely viewed as favorites or safe bets:

  • Red Wines: Pinot Noir, Merlot or Beaujolais.
  • White Wines: Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling or Sparkling wine.

When he or she arrives set the tone with some nice music in the background while you talk and wait for your reservations.

8. Own It, Iron Chef! If you’re one that loves to cook, make your date a mouthwatering meal and buy a bottle of wine that pairs well with what you’ve prepared. We all love someone who knows there way around the kitchen… it’s pretty sexy. If they want to lend a hand, let them be your sous chef for the night.

9. Take A Trip! Wine country is a great destination vacation. Tour the vineyards on a bike, on horseback or arrange for transportation to take you on a tour of various vineyards. Make romantic accommodations with dinner reservations at nice restaurant. Then retire for the evening with a bottle and a movie. 

10. Have A Picnic. Plan a romantic picnic a your favorite beach or park. First choose wines you and your partner will enjoy and then plan your snacks and meal around those wines. Try to pair your wines with foods that are grown where your wine was grown. For example, California cheeses and Napa Valley red wines will delight your palate in ways not previously experienced.

Ultimately, it comes down to willingness and creativity. Think outside of the box while being aware of your dates likes and dislikes. If your partner loves fruity white wines and picnics in nature but doesn’t enjoy hiking and sweet red wines be smart. Drive or bike to a nearby park or beach with the type of wine and complementary foods she’ll most enjoy. All you need is the desire and little research to really impress your date. You might be surprised how fun it is to plan and experience a nice food and wine date. You’ll almost definitely be pleased with the reward you’ll receive for your willingness to go all out!

Thanks for reading this post by Come back and share with us how you impressed your date with delicious wine, great food and good fun! We’d love to hear about it in the comments below, on our Facebook or Twitter pages, or at Cheers!


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